Emirates Stadium-home of Arsenal football.

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The Emirates Stadium is one of the top football stadiums in the country and is home to the outstanding Arsenal Football Club. Visiting the stadium during the game was engulfed by the exciting atmosphere.

As the home of the famous Arsenal Football Club, the Emirates Stadium is a real place full of thousands of noisy football fans. When watching the game in this magnificent stadium, feel the exhilarating magic.

Arsenal Stadium

The UAE Stadium is one of the most advanced football stadiums in the world and is the skyline of the surrounding area. There is a difference, it is the third largest stadium in the UK after Wembley and Twickenham.

The stadium uses a bowl-shaped building with 4 or 4 floors and can accommodate up to 60,400 seats. This unique bowl shape is quite the sight of the sun, but it is even more impressive at night because the stadium is lit by spectacular lights. This seat is different from the relatively low-cost standard wing-side seat, and is in stark contrast to the high-quality seat in the center of the action, allowing the audience to choose a range.

Emirates Stadium

The Emirates Stadium is well-known for hosting major events and conference venues. The stadium has a dedicated team responsible for event management to ensure that your events are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to drive to the stadium because there are strict parking rules before the game and the game lasts 1 hour. The result of these measures is that many roads around the stadium are closed, so public transportation is the best choice.

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